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  • Anthony Passarette: Staff Spotlight

January 01, 2024

By Kimberly Laue

Many athletes at Midway University walk into the athletic training room for treatment on their latest injury or ailment after going their hardest in practice or a game. And while they receive exceptional care and are solely focused on getting back out onto the court or field as quickly as possible, what becomes easy to take for granted is the story behind the person taping ankles or examining shoulders—a man by the name of Anthony Passarette.

Growing up in Long Island, New York, Anthony went on to attend Stony Brook University, where he originally studied physical therapy and quickly fell in love with the field of athletic training. He later attended school in Pennsylvania where he received his Master of Science in Athletic Training.

Following his undergrad and graduate education, Anthony worked for a year at the University of Cincinnati and then was at Kentucky State University for a number of years. He has now been serving as Head Athletic Trainer at Midway for about a year and a half.

When thinking about his time in athletic training so far, Anthony noted that the greatest challenge of his job tends to be people management and just being a good leader. One of the fondest accomplishments he noted is tied between being promoted to area coordinator for the athletic training organization he is affiliated with and being named the 2017 Athletic Trainer of the Year for Kentucky.

When reflecting upon what makes working at Midway so special to him, Anthony talked about all the numerous stories he has accumulated in his time working here at Midway and all the silly athletes that bring so much light and humor to his job. When asked what specifically makes working at Midway so special, he responded simply: "The student-athletes, coaches, and staff. They are what make this place special."

It is a true privilege to have a man with not only this much professional knowledge working at Midway, but also with such a big heart for the students. Make sure to stop by and say "thank you" the next time you see Anthony. He does a tremendous amount for each of us on and off the field and court.

And he is right. It truly is the people here at Midway that make this place so special.