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  • Season of Transition

January 01, 2024

By Jonathan Frazier


Autumn is a season of transition

It was set in a position

Some leaves change colors and fall

Like a cute dog playing with a ball

The season is between winter and summer

Like a bird that's a hummer


In autumn, the days get shorter

When you're hurt, you need a supporter

Some time zones change

When you need to exchange the range

The sun goes down sooner

But always have a sense of humor


At night it gets cooler

Like someone who wants to be a ruler

Autumn is a pretty season

Even though it came for a reason

The sun sets fast

But I know it won't last


Some trees in autumn are pretty

Like expensive cars living in the city

There's always piles of leaves

Now it's time to roll up your sleeves

The temperature does decrease

When the cool breeze does increase


What a beautiful creation

Like someone already knew the information

Autumn, you are amazing

Through the trials we're racing

It's in September

And it will always be remembered.