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  • What Does Fall Mean to You?

January 01, 2024

By Makayla Pounds


What does fall mean to you?

Is it the leaves that fall off the tree?

Is it the way the morning air feels crisp?

Is it the smell of pumpkin spice and pumpkin pie?

Is it pumpkin patches and haunted houses?

Is it carving pumpkins?

Is it raking leaves and jumping in the pile?


Fall means all of that to me, but so much more.

Fall is sitting by a fire with my family on a cold night.

It's going to farms and apple picking,

Making pies with my grandma n a Sunday morning.

It's walking outside and the leaves are on the ground in bright colors.

It's caramel apples with sprinkles.

It's the way the sun shines on the leaves to make them brighter.

If that's what fall means to me, what does it mean to you?