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  • Sara Sampley: Where I'm From

January 01, 2024

By Sara Sampley


I am from the smell of fresh-cut grass and freshly dug dirt.

I am from biscuits and gravy in the morning to chicken and gravy at night.

I am from if you pet one dog, you'll have to pet them all.

I am from Friday night lights and church on Sunday every weekend.

I am from hardworking and loving.

I am from front porch sitting.

I am from dinner at Mamaw's after church on Sunday.

I am from the smell of cow poo and horse poo.

I am from swimming and fishing in the pond.

I am from pray before Sunday dinner.

I am from you can never have too many animals.

I am from always respect your elders.

I am from work for what you want.

I am from take care of those who are in need.