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  • Sol and Midnight

January 01, 2024

By Sebastian Hutchinson


The day was short and cloudy. It was winter in Alaska, and the days were getting colder in late December. The trees had already shed their leaves to keep nutrients in the roots. Eklunta Lake was completely frozen over. It was hard to tell where the ice was thin and where the ice was safe to cross.


In a wooden cabin lived a man named Jason. He was out on a hunt looking for moose before the winter. When he found a moose, he shot but missed. From his angle, he saw some blood appear in the snow. After seeing the blood, Jason slowly walked down to the spot where he had shot at the moose. He was around 450 feet away when he had pulled the trigger, but now that he was only ten feet away, he could see that he had shot, not a moose, but a female wolf that had two puppies. The puppies were lying there with their mother, waiting for her to get up. The two pups never noticed Jason until he gasped.


"Oh my God," he whispered. "W-what have I done?" Jason put his gun on the ground as he began to kneel.


The two puppies were frightened as the man bent over. The one pup closest to Jason began to growl and snarl, while the other one ran and hid behind a tree stump. Jason slowly began to put his hand out.


"It's okay. I won't hurt you. Come here," he said in a very gentle voice. Though Jason was a very tall and broad person, being about 6'4" and 270 pounds, he happened to have a high-pitched voice. It was one of the main reasons Jason was bullied in school and became introverted. Jason had moved to Alaska, after his mother passed away in a car accident in his senior year of college, to limit his human interactions. He felt this was a good decision for him, because his mother had also taught him many survival skills when he was young. They used to go on camping trips together before he got into college.


Seeing the two baby wolves reminded Jason of his first camping trip, when he and his mom had found a baby deer stuck in a mud hole. They had helped the young deer out of the mud hole, and the baby deer ran to its mother at once. This had sparked Jason's love for camping with his mother.


The baby wolf closest to Jason began to stop growling and snarling once she noticed Jason had gotten on both knees and had one of his hands out to comfort the young wolf. The wolf started to let Jason pet her after a couple of minutes of him gently telling the wolf to come to him. Jason began to softly pet the wolf.


"I'm going to call you Sol because of your orange eyes that remind me of the sun," he said with joy in his voice. "Now, where is your brother or sister?" he asked Sol cutely, with the baby wolf right in his face.


Jason picked up Sol and began to look for the other wolf. Jason spent nearly ten minutes until he saw the black wolf in the white snow near a stump. He carefully walked up to the baby wolf with Sol still in his hand. He slowly set down Sol, and as soon as she hit the ground, she started to play with her sister. As the two wolves played, Jason walked over to them and petted the other wolf. She didn't flinch or move when she felt Jason's warm hand that had been inside the gloves he was wearing. It seemed she enjoyed the warmth from his hand.


"I'm going to name you Midnight because of your black fur," he spoke cheerfully.


As he picked up Sol and Midnight, he began to walk back to his truck that was on the other side of the lake he had crossed. It took him about forty-five minutes to walk to where he had shot the wolf. He set down Midnight and Sol and grabbed his rifle.


"Come on, Sol, Midnight. Y'all can come back with me. I'll take care of both of you," he said with a smile. As he walked away, Sol and Midnight followed him. He thought to himself: "Maybe I won't be so lonely anymore."