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  • Windmills

January 01, 2024

By Trinity Miller


The windmills move slowly from afar. All you can see are the windmills moving and spinning and spinning. Then one thought comes across your mind: how did I get here? What even is this place? The windmills keep spinning and spinning, over and over again. Then night begins and all you can see are the red lights coming from the windmills for miles and miles; all you see are the red lights from the soft red glow of the windmills.

You start to notice some of the windmills are not spinning. Those are the windmills that draw you to them. All you want to know is why this one was not spinning. You start to walk closer to the red glow that isn't spinning anymore. As you walk, you realize the red light isn't getting any closer or further away. It's almost like you are stuck walking in place, but you know you are walking.

You start to look at the ground around you, and you notice the same patterns on the dirt, almost like the rocks are pointing to where you need to go, but you want to go to the windmill that isn't spinning. It's almost like it's calling your name. The rocks show where to go, but you know that it's your one and only escape from this red glow. Will you follow the rocks or see what the red glow has for you? Will you run away from your destiny or accept the red glow? The windmill returns to spinning and spinning.