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  • When Leaves Fall

January 01, 2024

By Sophia Quattrocchi


When leaves fall from the highest trees it means they're dying

Green fades into darkness when the slightest gust of wind takes them home

To the ground where footsteps crush them like they aren't lying there on the sidewalk

Like they never flew with the sky and the sun

Their former home now standing bare


Fall is more than the beginning of a brutal cold

The bite from a chilled morning turns to a warm blanket wrapped around my face

A swarm of fog leaves me blind

But as the sun kisses the ground and wipes away the dew

There is so much to fall that I never even knew


There is a light in the darkness that shines orange and red

And the trees begin to house something new

Beautiful creatures big and small the world begins to renew

Once the darkness turns day into night and the biting cold returns

I'll be inside all cozy and warm