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  • Jalen Cincore: Where I'm From

January 01, 2024

By Jalen Cincore


I'm from country slang, where a city declares itself a nation, Memphis.

I'm from where they say: "If you're weak, you're beat."

I'm from that hot, seasoned, spicy food that you had no idea tasted good together.

I'm from hot outdoor basketball courts, fighting for respect, as well as my name.

I'm from a place of arrogance and pride, yet I managed to remain humble.

I'm from a place that never sleeps, but when it does, the silence is loud.

I'm from a classy household that taught me morals, discipline, and respect.

I'm from macaroni and cheese, greens, yams, and every bit of southern cooking.

I'm from a place where if it is not seen, it will never be believed.

I'm from Memphis, Tennessee, where we put an "e" behind "man" to make it "mane."