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June 01, 2024




The book is not original, the words have been replaced.

Lines have been removed, and stories are defaced.

Pages soaked in bias and personal pursuit,

now lauded across humanity, claimed as always absolute.

Now you claim you are a follower of all the book describes,

wearing pretty symbols and spouting many lines.

But let me tell you something, about that bookish group,

the one that promised everything to many and to you.

They worship stolen holidays, that symbol isn't theirs,

they've only read the summary and many do not care.

They dabble in defiance and wear too many looks,

they claim they are abiding yet contradict their book.

Now, I'm not here to tell you, not to read the text,

not to find a gathering that aims to do their best.

I'm only here to caution: "Please don’t follow blind,"

read the book and question and make up your own mind.

For that bookish group you know is not the only choice,

and even if it hurts to go, we all must find our voice.

Some may choose to shutter up their souls and disappear,

but if you stay within that crowd, you'll never make it here.