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  • Death Day

June 01, 2024




Her death date has passed, but she is still here.

The problem is that she is now stuck in this revolving door of a day that is supposed to be her death date, but she never dies.

Chloe has been stuck in this one particular day for 273 days now and has no way of escaping. Every person in this miserable world has been given the day that they are supposed to die. Chloe's was supposed to be July 14, 2008, but somehow, she survived the inevitable and is still here. As the days linger on, she has slowly begun to lose her mind over the idea of living through her death date one more time.

"Here we go again, just another car wreck, just another hospital trip with a brain bleed, and just another day of somehow making it out alive, even though I truly wish I wouldn't." Chloe says as she wakes up to her usual 7:30 a.m. alarm.

At this point, she doesn't even see the point in getting out of bed because she knows that she is going to have to relive this horrible day and endure all the pain that she should ultimately be taken away from.

As she gets up and heads out the door to go to school, she knows that soon enough she will be stuck in this same miserable place that she has been in the past 273 days.


Her car gets hit head on, and she gets thrown into the windshield for the 274th day in a row.

But as she gets settled in the hospital, she notices something different in her mind, something that hasn't happened any other day. She notices a little bluebird flying through her thoughts and realizes that even being stuck in her own thoughts from this brain bleed, something doesn't feel right. Has she finally found the cure to finalizing her death on her death date? If something new appears it has to mean that she is finally going to die right?

"Time of death, 8:41 a.m."

"No," she thought to herself. "This can't be right. I shouldn't be able to hear them if I'm dead."

Then she hears her worst nightmare.

"New death date, November 9, 2011."

And here we are again, waking up to her 7:30 a.m. alarm once again.