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  • Freedom's Grasp

June 01, 2024




The little bird craved independence 

It only needed its parents until it could fly on its own 

Wings beating fast to match the pace of its heart 

Soaring with freedom


Obstacle after obstacle was dodged 

The little bird escaped unharmed but with more knowledge 

What could stop this little bird? 

It was determined to stay free forever


The fire started small and unworthy of attention 

Who cared about a spark? 

The little bird saw this minuet flame 

But kept flying onwards


The fire grew larger and more worrisome  

The other animals in the forest started to notice 

The little bird noticed too 

But still pushed onward


The little bird had fun soaring the skies 

But it was time to settle down 

A nest was made in a tall maple tree 

The little bird was wrapped in a blanket of security of its own creation


The fire had reached the little bird's tree  

Its nest was under attack 

From the flames and smoke reaching skyward  

That is when the little bird decided to fight back


But how can a little bird fight fire? 

Towards the little bird and its nest, the flames soared higher, 

Just like the little bird had once flown high 

It could not soar any longer with its nest to look after


The little bird still fought 

It fought to protect its nest and itself  

But the flames consumed the tree 

Turning the little bird and nest into soft, black ash


So, the little bird was free again 

Free from the world of misery 

Free to roam the skies until the ashes settled into the earth 

Concluding the little bird's journey