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  • I Wish I Got Her Name

June 01, 2024




You know, I wish I got her name. It was like a magical story where everything is just perfect except, I forgot her name. It was probably from how much I had to drink. However, it was so magical like any other perfect story, where you fall in love at first sight and lose track of time to where you forget it all because you are in awe. She is beautiful, she is like a glowing star on a dark cloudy night. She shines so bright that you can see her through all this darkness. Yet, I cannot believe I forgot that simple question: What is your name? Sounds like a fairytale doesn't it, too good to be true basically. Now, I know what you are thinking, How can someone like me find a perfect girl like her? Well, it is pretty simple as you see. It started out with us in a fight, ironic right? We were both defending our beliefs, on what you are wondering, I cannot even remember because I couldn't help but get distracted and lost in her eyes, her perfect shine, that amazing smile. It was all just seeming like a dream right in front of me. But when I started to get quiet, I noticed something. I couldn't help myself and I told her she was beautiful. Now of course, after a fight like that she did not want to hear it from me. But after some talking normally, I feel like I won over the jackpot. Time was moving so fast when I was around her that it ended in a heartbeat. So fast, that I wish I got her name.