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  • If I Can Dream

June 01, 2024




I had a small amount of courage, but it grew and grew from my learning. If you want to make it big, you actually have to have a dream! That is what they all told me, but I replied fast. Maybe a little too fast. Of course I can dream, I said. I am the sun, and you are the stars. You shine bright, but I shine brighter than you can. That may have been a little rude of me, but I meant it. I have a dream and if you let people stand in front of you, you will not get it because they will get to it first. Stand your ground, my mom always said. She was always full of wise words and knowledge. So, of course I believed her. I was not going to let anyone stand in my way. It was not always easy to stand my ground. Because the longer you stand, the harder it is for you to stand tall. So many people fell along the way, yet I was not going to be one of them. I had to try and try to get where I am, and I will not fall down easily. They all laughed at me for this dream I had. Did I care? Of course not! To make it big, you have to have big confidence and courage. You will not have that if you simply just listen to them. Ignore them, they are temporary, the ones who matter will not laugh, I always told myself. But sometimes it was hard to believe that. Yet, I kept trying, until finally I made it. It was not easy for me to get here, but with a small amount of courage, it will grow and grow.