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  • Obsessions

June 01, 2024




Childhood bullying

Is there ever a reason

Other than kids being mean

Nasty and, committing treason

To childhood obsessions and memories

To unoriginal ideas that border on hysteria

A coping mechanism to ease

The thoughts that don't meet normal criteria


Obsessions continue

Aren't they normal?

If only we knew

That adults can be awful

To their peers

To their friends and family

They see them as freaky

They don't understand the travesty

Of being different

Of being weird

Trying to fit in and not be ignorant

Trying to be normal and not feared

For a having a unique mind

One that struggles to process


When going through the world blind

It is important to obsess

Over the little things that make them feel special

The people, places, things that make them connect

The items that put them on the same level

These things aim to protect

The mind which cannot be trusted

To be its own normal

It must instead

Assume status as a regular mortal


So, I will continue to obsess

You can judge, critique, evaluate

The insanity of my distress

I do not want to be inadequate

I want to attach

To the people who have the same interests as me

To perhaps catch

Whatever it is that makes people routine

But no matter how hard I try

No matter how much I mask

I cannot hide

My intense obsessions