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  • The Daydream

June 01, 2024




It happened on a warm sunny day in July that was supposed to be filled with fun at the pool and the sun beaming down on me. My mother woke me, and I knew something was wrong. The first thing I saw when hearing those words was the tree. Not just any tree, but the humongous pine tree sitting in the middle of the yard. The tree that held the golden Easter egg. The tree that was decorated in giant Christmas ornaments. But most importantly, the tree that held the one memory that will always be posted in my grandma's living room, for everyone to reminisce on during each visit or each holiday. As I sit and remember this pine tree, which no longer stands in the middle of the yard, I think of the times we had, the laughs we shared, and the memories we made. As I let my mind slip away and become captured in a whole new world that I wish was still true, I see the tree once more. My hope remains, my thoughts become reality, and I sink into this new world. But the more I think and dream, I finally realize, that there is no one here to rescue me.

"What are you so hard into thought about?" my mom asked as she interrupted my perfect, yet totally unrealistic daydream. I'm not going to lie, I was a little angry that she ruined the most intriguing daydream that I always have, once again. I've noticed that as the days go on, this dream seems to happen more and more, and I just can't seem to break away from it.

"Oh, nothing. Just school and homework." I lied, simply because it would break my heart to ever explain to her the details that take over my thoughts and mind every hounding second of the day.

"Goodness, you sure do think about your schoolwork a lot, you would think you would bring home better grades than you do." She chuckled as she walked out the door onto the patio.

"Typical mom response," I said to myself.

Now that I am alone again, I take this time to head out to the garden with a book so I can relive my dream in a place that seems too good to be true. As I reenter this magical dream about a simple tree, well, in many people's eyes, I allow my mind to wander and get lost within the old brick house, where my childhood once lived. But now that I am an adult, I have come to realize that all this will ever be, is simply a dream.