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  • Well, That Was Not Supposed to Happen

June 01, 2024




Well, that was not supposed to happen. It was like a perfect night, when all of a sudden, I heard this agitating voice. He was mad. He was mad that we did not have the same beliefs on this. But he is a man, what do you expect? So, I had to be strong and fight with my voice. This fight got so intense that he stopped even trying to argue with me. It was like he got lost in something. So, respectfully I died down my argument, and that's when he told me I was beautiful. Now of course, why would I want to hear that from a random guy that could not see my level? He seemed to actually mean it. But hey, not to sound bad, but I get that a lot. However, this one was different, he seemed to speak from the heart, from his soul. After convincing myself this was different, I did notice he had a cute smile. It was like his eyes were the color of a sparkling sea gem staring deep into me, like I was the actual gem. His hair was as black as the night sky, yet it had this shine to it with the way it fell and parted. He eventually did win me over, partly, I say, partly. After some talking at least. I could not stay as long as I wanted as I was scared this all felt too good to be true. I did not even give my name, because that was not supposed to happen.